Yangzhou Dongsheng Mains Co., Ltd. ( formerly Yangzhou Dongfang Group Mains Factory ) is located in Yangzhou New & Hi-tech Economic and Technological Development Zone. Ours is dedicated to the development, manufacture and sales of high-frequency switch modular intelligent DC power supply panel (electrical operating power source) and high-frequency switch modular micro-computer monitoring communication power supply panel, integrated UPS power supply panel, AC/DC distribution panel, DC/DC exchanger for power communication, sine wave inversion power source (DC/AC), UPS and other new and hi-tech products. Our power supply products are intended for power supply organizations, substations, power generating plants and 10KV on/off power supply, SPC exchange, optical transmitter and receiver, communication power supply for electrical wave carrier, and they are also fit for SPC exchange center, modular center, basic stations of mobile telecommunication exchange center and access network, digital microwave and communication network of special use. They bare widely used in enterprises in the fields of power supply, metallurgy, construction, communication, petroleum, chemical industry, railway, telecommunication, finance, mobile telecommunication, Unicom, etc., and are well received all over the country.

Our company adheres to the principle of ¡°scientific management, exquisite design, taking market trend as the guide and science as the dynamic force, seeking development through innovation and seeking survival with ever-improving quality¡±, and is willing to provide you with safe, reliable and highly efficient products.

We believe we will surely enhance our innovating capability and competitive edge from time to time in the intensified market competition, and make our due contribution to the development of China¡¯s power industry.

We warmly welcome the your visit.

Our target: first-rate service, first-rate human resources to form a standardized company

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